These are some of my favorite things...

I am a diligent researcher on Amazon and have found some things over the years that I absolutely love...things most people don't know about. I always read the reviews and find the highest quality products at the best prices. I make a small commission on my sales--which Amazon pays for, not you!

I researched paddleboards on Amazon for days before I got one for my trip to Hawaii earlier this year. I learned that the longer they are, the better. Also, three fins are better than one. The wider they are, the more stable they are; but the narrower they are, the faster they go. I opted for a middle ground...and I am so happy with my purchase! I took this on the plane with the pack that came with it, and ended up paddling with humpbacks breaching all around me. A baby humpback even swam under me once!!! For less than $150, this is one of the best purchases I have made. Heck, it can cost that much to rent one in Hawaii for a day! Because it is inflatable, I can take it in any car without needing a rack. And when inflated properly, IT IS SOLID! One thing I learned quickly though, unless you are in really great shape, it is a pain in the %$^*! to pump it up by hand! So if you get one of these, do yourself a favor and get an inflatible pump. This 12V pump plugs into your car and does the work for you. Not only that, but it deflates it when you are done, making it a cinch to roll up and put in your car. For those of you who want to go for more stability (at the expense of speed), this paddleboard has the highest rating for any under $300.

I used to get a sore wrist from using my computer so much. I probably had a little bit of carpal tunnel syndrome going on. After I bought this mouse, it went away. Super comfortable...super awesome!

Do you get tired of those BBQ lighters that seem to stop working after 2 tries? This versatile plasma-arc candle lighter not only is awesome for lighting candles, but for starting BBQs, and even starting fires! And it will lasts years--if not decades--as it is rechargeable. For less than 10 bucks, it would make a great stocking stuffer!

Know anyone who loves to draw? Have they ever drawn with a 3D pen??? This is the coolest thing since sliced bread! Kids and adults alike can learn to draw real-life objects with this 3D pen. How cool is that?

Take what you can--give nothing back! Harrr! Kids will love this Jack Sparrow spyglass...that actually works! Not only that, it is more compact (when folded up) and more powerful than most binoculars. I am still a kid at heart, but I take this on hiking trips because it is better than my binoculars!

There are quite a few handheld sewing machines out there...and most of them are crap! This battery-operated one by Singer is decent. No, it is not going to have all of the features of a regular sewing machine, but it is small, portable, and can be used in situations where big ones can't. If you are thinking of getting a simple starter one for your kid, you might also consider this one, or this one with multiple stitches.

This thing is scary!!! I am afraid to test it on myself. The continuous zapping noise from the plasma arc would be enough to back me off if someone pointed it at me. It is about the size of a deck of cards and easy to carry in your pocket. At under $10, this would make great stocking stuffers for everyone you care about (and for yourself, too!).

This laser is extremely powerful and not for young children, as it can cause permanent eye damage. But for those old enough and responsible enough, this thing is incredible! You can point out stars in the sky with it or create your own disco light show by rotating the star cap on the end of it. Lot's of fun. Be safe!

Mason bees are supposedly 20 times more effective pollinators than honey bees...and they don't sting! I hung up this mason bee hive right above my front door and watch them buzz around and do their thing every spring. And there is no maintenance or upkeep like with honey bee hives. Also check out this hexagonal mason bee hive.

This is a Mighty Wallet! It is made from Tyvek: ultra-strong, ultra-thin, ultra-flexible. It is my favorite wallet, ever! Other designs include Painting the Universe, Leather, and my personal favorite: Folded-up Notepaper (great for traveling--no one will realize it is a wallet!).

I have had neck issues for quite a few years now, where I can easily throw it out when sleeping. I tried different pillows, and none of them helped...until I found this one. This is my favorite pillow ever, and I cannot remember ever throwing out my neck sleeping with this. To be honest, different people will have different experiences, because we are all unique, but for me, it has been a life saver!

I am a side sleeper, and I have always felt uncomfortable no matter what position I have my legs in. This knee pillow has been great, as it separates my knees a little, gives a little more breathing room for the family jewels, and better posture for my back. Between this and the pillow above, my sleep has improved significantly. Helpful for both men and women.

I don't like to floss. I admit it. So I started using a Waterpik about 8 years ago and use it morning and night. IT IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN FLOSSING!!! My model is old and outdated and there are newer ones now that do just as good of a job (if not better) for a lot less. If you don't floss everyday, you owe it to your teeth to get one of these. There is also a battery-operated travel version with really great reviews, and if you want to get the absolute best, it is Waterpik's newest electric toothbrush and water flosser combo.