This is a review of some of the best and least expensive electric bikes on Amazon in 2023, including the one that I own. I am a diligent researcher on Amazon and always read the reviews and find the highest quality ebikes at the best prices. I make a small commission on my sales--which Amazon pays for, not you!

I absolutely love this e-bike! I bought this about a year ago, and it has totally changed my experience riding a bike. Before, it was challenging riding up hills and I usually had to walk up them. Now I can go right up them. When I first got this bike, I was able to do a 40-mile ride with only light to moderate pedalling. It is a 21-speed mountain bike that can be ridden like a regular bike (unlike those ebikes with the fat 4" wide tires). It has dual suspension and can easily fold up to be put in the back of my car. It has 3 pedal-assist modes (low, medium, and high), plus a throttle-only mode to be able to ride without any pedaling at all. All of this for less than $ can't be beat! You also have the option for it to come pre-assembled, or save some money and assemble it yourself in about 1 to 2 hours. And there is also a 2-year protection plan available for only $44.99.

For those under 5'6", you might find this to be a better ebike for you. Currently there is a $100 coupon you can click to get the price under $600 with free delivery. There are a lot of clones out there (the exact same ebike with different labels), and they all have 4+ star reviews, but this one is the least expensive of them all. There is a fully-assembled option as well as a two-year protection plan available.

At under $500 including shipping, this is one of the least expensive quality electric bikes that I have seen on Amazon. It still has the same powerful 350-watt motor and 10-amp battery as the previous two e-bikes, and yet it is small, compact, and folds up. This is an ideal bike for kids and teenagers, and yet can be ridden by adults, as well.

There is one other thing that saved my life--or my toosh--after getting my ebike, and that was getting this bike seat. I have never been able to ride a bicycle for more than 30 minutes before having a very sore bum. It really took the fun out of riding a bike. After I got this, I have never had a sore butt ever again. Night and day! Also has a bright red LED light in the back of it that you can turn on.

The other thing I got for my ebike was this seat post, which added an extra shock absorber for riding on dirt roads. It also raised up my seat to allow for a longer leg extension. If you are shorter, this extension will probably make your seat too high for you. BE SURE TO GET THE 25.4mm*350mm.